jom tengok ni : Haiwan berwarna yang menakjubkan di dunia :)

Panther Chameleon

They are present in variety of colors as Red, White, Green and Blue and can change colors quickly. Color change is likely to happen due to affect of temperature, light and even its mood.

Blue-Footed Booby          
This cute bird has Blue boots and there color becomes brighter if they miss mating season. They are found in Galapagos Islands and on many other isles as well.

 They are amazing fish specie as they have slime all over there body that protects them from anemone’s stings and they look cute as they are all colored with bright orange color and have white strips over it.

Lesser Flamingo 
 Amazing thing about this creature is that what ever they eat the color of their body shows it. It is found in Africa.

 This fish can run at a fastest speed of 70 mph and can light up its body as it sense some dangers to dough its predator.

Bird of Paradise 
  Males paradise birds are extremely beautiful than females. They have plumage, dance to sexually attract their females, and even change shapes.

Monarch Butterfly 
These attractive and colorful butterflies are so beautiful but their colors are serving as warning for predators as; not to prey on them because they are poisonous and can prove fatal for predators.

Sockeye Salmon
They can completely change their color due to environmental changes. They are usually Blue and Silver in color but change to Red and Green before progeny.

Temminck’s Tragopan 
 It is considered as world’s most attractive and dashing pheasant and its spectacular colors and body language witness this fact. It has Blue face and amazing multicolor on its chest and it is found in South Asia.

Weedy Sea Dragon 
 This strange, amazing and multicolored specie lives underwater. They can hide and protect themselves in weeds as they sense danger around. They can produce 250 eggs at a time and both male and female look after there eggs.

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